Meine Alpenüberquerung … oder der Versuch einer solchen

Inspiriert durch einen Bericht in der DAV-Zeitschrift Panorama wollte ich nach meiner letztjährigen Wanderung des West Highland Ways in Schottland eine Wanderung in den Alpen unternehmen. Als Tour hatte ich mir eine Alpenüberquerung von Salzburg nach Triest herausgesucht, welche noch nicht so überlaufen sein sollte, wie die bekannteren E5 oder E6-Wanderungen. Natürlich wollte ich den Weg, der aus 28 Etappen bestand nicht in einem Stück laufen. Für’s Erste sollte es nur die Hälfte sein. Das hätte mich von Salzburg bis Greifenburg nahe der slowenischen Grenze geführt.

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Climbing Ben Nevis

After I had finished the West Highland Way the day before, I wanted to climb Ben Nevis, Great Britains highest mountain. I could either climb the north face of the mountain which would have required skills and equipment I didn’t have … or I could just take the tourist route! That meant, I had to hike from sea level to an altitude of 1344 meters, taking between 6 to 10 hours according to my travel guide. Long and strenuous, but doable. Together with Simone, a guy from Italy, whom I met on the WHW, we set off for the beginning of the trail at the Ben Nevis Inn at around 10 o’clock.

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Walking the West Highland Way

This is a short recap of my week walking on the West Highland Way in Scotland. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first. This would be my first vacation mostly on my own, I had planned to walk by myself and was not sure, how easy it would be for me to connect to people. Turned out, my concerns were pretty unnessecary, it was a good experience and I met a lot of nice people along the way. Although, I have never done another long-distance trail before, I found it to be a quite easy one to start with. After the 155 km of the actual way, I finished my journey with an ascend of Ben Nevis, Great Britains highest mountain, which happened to be right next to Fort William, the end of the West Highland Way.

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